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  Complete precise parts process solution
  Yier Shuen enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1990, was a professional CNC turn-milling metal parts manufactory including process, set and surface in a variety of materials. We can provide customers with “One Stop” – hardware parts development solution.
Not only the traditional CNC lather, we also own the latest turning/ turn-milling machine. The parts can complete through “one-stop” excessing the individual processing ability of process center and CNC lather making us provide customers with more outstanding process integration and higher productivity.
  The top choice of OEM process plant  
  For the past many years, we gain high value from the customers in the field of domestic/international auto and motorcycle, machine and Agricultural machinery on the basis of process technique, efficient process and external resources. The OEM/ ODM develop to produce diverse precise metal parts product in order to enhance the efficiency and the shortest delivery causing that we gain high affirmation and trust and become designated OEM factory.