CNC Turning /Milling & Multitasking

Yier Shuen can produce any kind of complicated and precise parts with our processing technique related to CNC Turning /Milling & Multitasking machine
with the engineer. Due to the ability of completing turning, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, spiral, 3D surface machining and the rear face in one machine, we can reduce setting time substantially and own better precision.

  All industries:

Yier Shuen owns the advanced equipment and process technology team, we have abundant experience and self-confidence to produce any kind of precise parts for turning.
As a professional manufacturer, we devoted to auto and motorcycle parts,
mechanical parts, electronic parts, special screws, precision slender shaft parts and the service ”Done in one”, so we are your best choice for cooperation.>
We also can provide customers with customized solution and satisfy any process demand from the simple production, the whole development of new product and the product management.